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Final Destination

The top three roadies have reached the last destination on the show, Kuala Lumpur. Here they are faced with their final immunity task — the task whose winner will get a confirmed place in the final two.
The task is the underwater survival task, where the roadies are tied to chairs with their hands handcuffed behind them.

Last Immunity Task

Sonel, who goes in first, manages to stay under the water for just 22 seconds. She signals to be pulled out soon enough — incidentally, all the chairs have 50 kg weights tied to them, so that the roadies sink into the water.

Struggling For Oxygen

She emerges from the water, choking and gasping for breath, unable to complete the task. The idea is to hold their breath, unlock the cuffs, untie the ropes and swim back to the surface.

Surviving Under Water

Ashu goes next and manages to stay under water for 44 seconds. Though he fails to complete the task, he manages to insert the key into the handcuffs three times.

Failing Again

Nihal, is the final contender. He goes into the water, but comes out almost immediately, in just 12 seconds, after he opens his mouth and swallows a lungful of water.

The Last Straw?

Ashu wins the immunity and gets the chance to pick the finalist. He chooses Nihal over Sonel. A disappointed Sonel goes back to her hotel room, only to find all the other eliminated roadies waiting for her there. What follows is a spate of abuses directed at Sonel, including from her 'good friend', Prabhjyot.

He's Back!

Meanwhile, Nihal and Ashu, celebrating their success are unaware that the other roadies are back. To their surprise, they get a scroll in the evening, asking them to come to the parking lot to meet Rannvijay. Here, they meet the other roadies and what follows is an ugly confrontation.
The icing on the cake is the presence of Raghu who, in his usual brisk and violent way, blasts Nihal and Ashu.

Angry Young Women

On their arrival at Bangalore the Roadie girls have a huge fight – full of abuses and the potential of getting violent.

Games People Play

One of their task is at their destination, which is the Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy. The Roadies have to go up against champion tennis players.

Advantage Nobody

The Roadies put up an embarrassing performance. Some rackets even go flying in the air.

Dance To Save Your Life

The task for immunity is potentially an even bigger embarrassment when they get to know that they have to perform contemporary dance.

Step By Step

They are taught some basic steps and exercises by the experts after which it is up to them to interpret the stories given to them through dance. This leads to a lot of hilarious antics and surprisingly some sparks of creativity.

Dressing For The Occasion

The Roadies even have to make their own outfits for the performance which results in most of them looking like freaks. The judges finally pick one team that wins immunity.

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    a huge hug to nauman,
    4 being in top 3.
    now i want 2 bcome a roadi

  3. Arif - April 8, 2009 at 1:59 AM

    a huge hug 2 nauman 4 being in top 3.
    now 2 bcome a roadie is my DESTINY

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    i want to become a ROADIE

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    nauman is asshole i want kiri 2 win & kick numans & palak ass out of rodies

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    ranijayyyy...he is da man lol

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